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A Statement from Milwaukee Rep

Milwaukee Rep believes that BLACK LIVES MATTER. We say it as an organization that speaks to our shared humanity and believe those words are in alignment with our mission to ignite positive change in our community.  Making the statement at this time is vital, but even more important are the meaningful actions that will flow from it.  

Milwaukee Rep has been deeply engaged in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) work over the past five years, and last year elevated ED&I with the full backing of trustees, staff, and stakeholders as one of our three strategic priorities.  Although we feel we have made tangible progress in this area of our work, we also believe we have significantly more work to do throughout all aspects of our organization and that there is a need to move at a faster pace

In light of recent events, we are committed to sitting down with a variety of interested constituencies, including staff,  ED&I professionals, and The Kaleidoscope Group, a diversity and inclusion consultancy firm that we hired in 2019, to ensure that our plans will be focused and stringent enough to drive meaningful change and hold us appropriately accountable. For accountability and transparency purposes, we will provide a public update on the first of every month starting on July 1, 2020. 

We hope that you will join and follow us as we strive to ensure that Milwaukee Rep plays its part as a true catalyst for positive change in our community.

Greg Oberland
President, Board of Trustees

Warren Buliox
Trustee & Chair, ED&I Committee

Mark Clements
Artistic Director

Chad Bauman
Executive Director