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Milwaukee Rep Staff & Teen Council join peer company Steppenwolf Young Adult Council at Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago, IL

Teen Council

Leadership For Teens, By Teens

Milwaukee Repertory Theater Teen Council Leadership Program is an organization for teens, by teens. Supported by the resources of Milwaukee Rep, our Teen Council’s student-driven opportunities have included: organizing fundraisers, engaging fellow councils from across the country, representing youth voice at national theater conferences, and advocating for the arts before members of the state legislature – all of which happens while learning how to collaborate and engage with one another. In this program, teens will develop skills in: 

  • College Readiness
  • Community Engagement & Volunteerism
  • Theater Advocacy & Career Preparation

In addition to planning a variety of student-driven events, Council members also have VIP access to Milwaukee Rep, including access to $10 tickets to performances and meet-and-greets with artists!

As the next generation of citizens, the Council welcomes youth with varying interests, backgrounds, and levels of theatrical experience.



Benefits of Teen Council membership include:

  • Invitations to all Teen Council-hosted activities (Dramathon, Teen Nights, Special Events)
  • Access to $10 tickets to performances 
  • Special access to Milwaukee Rep through tours, meet-and-greets, and full company events
  • Opportunities for further leadership positions within the Council
  • Access to Milwaukee Rep staff for guidance, job shadows, and potential letters of recommendation 
  • Leadership and volunteer experience to highlight on resume and college applications
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Teen Council meets in Milwaukee Rep’s Board Room once a month on the second Monday of every month, from 7:00-8:30 pm. Meetings are open to all members and are used as a forum for planning events, reflecting upon recent experiences, and working through administrative tasks. Additional Committee meetings may be scheduled between regular meetings as needed to plan for upcoming events.

In addition to the regular meetings schedule, Teen Council has a variety of regular activities and events planned around the Milwaukee Rep season.

Teen Nights
Students will have the opportunity to attend a Milwaukee Rep performance and participate in a pre/post-show event at Milwaukee Rep all for just $10! Past events have included dinner with cast members, workshops, games, bake-offs, and more!

A 24-hour fundraising event with non-stop hours of play reading, visits from Rep artists, and plenty of fun!

Special Events

Teen Council also plans special events throughout the season to further connect members to the staff, artists, and mission at Milwaukee Rep. Each year’s special events are a little different! Examples of past events include:

Peer Company Chicago Trip
Students connect with their peer company, the Steppenwolf Young Adult Council, to watch shows, meet with cast and company members, and share ideas about how they can further empower youth voices in theater.

Creative Wisconsin Day
An annual activity where students advocate for arts funding with State Representatives at the Capitol Building.

A Christmas Carol Family Partner Shopping
Teen Council shops alongside members of the Milwaukee Rep staff for the ACC Families program, where Christmas presents are gifted to underprivileged families in the Milwaukee area.

Curtain Call Ball
Council members who exhibit exceptional professionalism and responsibility attend the Milwaukee Rep’s annual Curtain Call Ball as volunteers, serving as ambassadors between the adult patrons of Milwaukee Rep and the council.

The Teen Council exec board was an amazing outlet for me to hone my leadership and theater management skills in high school. Coming into the Council, I had a strong background in theater and wanted a place to hang out with other passionate performers, but had never thought about the administrative side of theater. Anyone particularly interested in theater management won't find a better-suited pre-college opportunity in Milwaukee.
Teen Council has given me the opportunity to meet other teens who share my love of theatre, and to experience plays through unique Council events. It is really something special.
I am here to experience as much theatre as possible and because I want to do [theatre] professionally, I want to see every area possible that is available to someone in the business, and learn about it.
Teen Council] was all a very positive experience the time that I've spent with it. It was great meeting new people and setting up fun events. I really found it cool how we'd get to see shows for a good price and even talk to some of the cast members! I'd definitely recommend it!
What Milwaukee Rep Teen Council did for me: it became like a springboard. I still have it on my resume and it really does help. I would have never been able to work at The Rep for a whole summer without it or be able to help out with the summer program. It has been such an amazing connection to have in Milwaukee and such an important part of my teen acting career I can't express how much it means for me to be there. I also really think it showed me that there was more out there. My high school did not really teach me the skills or show me what else was out there college wise and Teen Council really helped with that.
Participating in Teen Council has broadened my view of future jobs I can partake in that surround theater, turned me into more of what is going on in the theater community around me and helped me with leadership skills.

For questions, reach out to Xodia Choate, Education & Engagement Administrator, at xchoate@milwaukeerep.com.

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